The fear of corona virus has slowed life resulting in forced idleness of various degrees. Not only work is affected, we can’t even pack off to a holiday destination. While we practice hygiene to ward off the dreaded virus, the unexpected leisure is the virus-sent opportunity to think and act, to teach and to learn.

Nothing is more important than helping children become better and responsible citizens. Of course, top priority now is teaching them cleanliness and protecting themselves from getting infected. But let us also give them our time to inculcate values, and to develop positive attitude, hobbies and habits.

We can utilize this time to nurture in our children values such as kindness, empathy, tolerance and respect for others and their views. This will build their character. Let’s tell them the importance of reading to widen their horizons and to deepen their understanding of life and times so as to develop a positive attitude and world-view, and to think deeper, broader and universal. Let’s present before them the pleasure to be derived from creative hobbies such as painting, writing, and other arts which help them to explore and to imagine, to delve within and to dive without. Let’s expose children to household chores and dignity of labour, and make them respect workers, maids, drivers, cooks and others.

Let’s show them by example value of money and savings, of considered spending and intelligent choices; to teach them basics of money matters such as writing expenses and keeping those within budget. Let’s convince them to avoid wastage of every resource- money, food, water, electricity, and to reuse, recycle and repair, and to be kind and considerate towards the environment. Children imbibe and emulate what they see. The mindless spectacle of stream of parcels delivered daily at home by Amazon and others makes their impressionable minds to think that  there is endless supply of easy money.

We must teach them by example that what matters is not materialism but goodness, knowledge, intelligence and being humane.

If we can give these life lessons to our children, I believe we would have given them the ultimate gift. The corollary benefit is that while teaching our children, we too will learn to be better human beings.



GOOD GOD ! A thought you might call Profane !


A thought you might call Profane !

Most say:


I say how do you know ? Have you seen or heard or touched God ? In a physical sense ?

So I doubt, I question, I argue.

Turning the proposition on its head, i say:


Because ‘God’ is but a symbol, a metaphor…a metaphor for goodness.

Hence, Good is God.

In that sense I doubt existence of God, but not of goodness.

Talking of existence, our own existence is in doubt unless we think, enquire & inquire.

“Cogito Ergo Sum”- “ I think, therefore I am” said Rene Descartes.

To add another essential element: “I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am” !

And, therefore, I debate:




To the Good, I am sure to look the Bad n the Ugly : )